Public transport in the Philippines is plentiful and easy to get associated with
ranging from the plague like tricycle fraternity,
to the Air-Con Bus System, but my favorite by far is the ever "reliable"

Jeepney fleet.
A place to get involved with the everyday living of the
local lifestyle at a bargain price.
Jeepneys are the heart and soul of the transport
system here and with a little knowledge
you can go a long way.
From San Fernando in and around the Super Market area,
in the middle of town is the initial boarding
point for most local destinations.

Jeepneys cue on designated street corners waiting
for passengers till they have there fill, then when full, and by act of "God" they manage to squeeze at least 2 more passengers
in before heading to your favorite beach or refreshment station. Payment is simple and is past down the line to a highly skilled driver, who with one hand on the wheel and one hand blindly searching for fares behind his head, he manages to complete money changes, calculate what's in the till, wave to his mates and deliver you safely to your port of call.
Fares are now displayed in most jeepneys and from the Sebay resort to town the cost is approx 7 peso

are the mosquito fleet of the transport system and an integral part of daily life. Fares range from as low as 10 peso for a short ride around town or about 50 peso from the market back to the surf camp, fares should be negotiated before departure to avoid the possibility of paying "foreigner tax" if you now what l mean. Most riders are courteous and helpful and will slow down if asked politely, they can also be hired on a hourly or daily rate, but shop around to see what you can bargain for.


Buses are also plentiful in the Philippines with many independent operators going to every part of Luzon, from Manila you can catch an aircon bus to San Fernando make sure its La Union province as there is another
San Fernando north of Manila. Fairs are cheap and cost only about 300 peso for the 6-8 hour ride, or alternately" Fly the Bus" leaves from the Swagman Hotel every morning to Angeles and there from the Dau terminal you can catch a bus heading north to Vigan or Laoag both pass through San Fernando. Buses can be hailed like jeepney's from anywhere and will stop anywhere to drop you off. Just a word of warning beware of guys wanting to carry your baggage at terminals as they expect a tip and have many tricks to relieve you of your money, usually the conductor will collect fares after you leave.
Buses have designated pit stops along the way so you can powder you nose or get something to eat every couple of hours. Air con buses can be quite cold and a light jacket may be of some use. Surf boards are ok as they will take any luggage they can fit on board. Just let the conductor know that you want to get off at the Sebay resort it is very well known and is right next door to the Surf camp and other accommodation places.

How to get here

Public Bus Services.

Philippine Rabbit have terminals in San Fernando (La Union) and start off from Manila via Dau. Also Dominion and Partas run from Manila with stops once at Dau and San Fernando - they will drop you off at your resort. Costs are inexpensive a couple of hundred peso or so at most. But, the journey is long and many are over crowded and no Air Con - Partas has a new fleet of European styled buses.

Be a little warned though, even though many have AC and even some with Movies the trip can be very long and arduous as they stop frequently for pick ups and drop offs. At which point be very sure and hand luggage you have is safe and secure. From Dau expect the trip to take 5-6 hours to Bauang and San Fernando. Philippine Rabbit's stop off points are poor and CR facilities dirty. If going by bus, we advise Partas.

Fly the Bus.

By far the better option than ordinary public bus services. Swagman Fly the Bus runs to La Union (Bauang) and Baguio City 3 times a week. Departing Angeles and stopping at hotels along Bauang and Baguio City. Cost is P500 to Bauang, (P900 rtn) and P600 to Baguio City. (P1000 rtn. The Fly the bus service are often a van to Subic and La Union/Baguio. Vans are supposed to seat 12. But, some seating (fold down) is very uncomfortable for long trips. No smoking is allowed. With pick ups and drop off's at hotels at all locations, and usually one stop for comfort rooms, travel time should take around 5 hours from Angeles.

Private Car Hire.
Not the most inexpensive way to travel but, by far the most comfortable and probably the most secure. There are many private hire firms in and around Angeles for example, that can provide you with a car or van with driver to take you there. Beeline Travel can do both La Union (Bauang) Baguio City and beyond by both car and private van.

In addition if on a short vacation (mini break) and you want to go sightseeing and cover both the beach resorts and Baguio City for a small additional fee to cover food and accommodation a special daily rate can be arranged.

A car cost P3200 withBeeline to Bauang or Baguio City. A Van costs P3800. You set the time of departure. You can stop off along the way and buy something from the many side stalls. And you can smoke. A van is ideal if there are 4 in your group or more. Beeline do not recommend having more than 8 in these 12 seater vans for comfort purposes.

From Manila allow 6-7 hours to travel to Bauang or Baguio City. From Angeles approximately 4 hours. Allowing for good traffic conditions and minimum amount of stops. Travel distance is approximately 190klms.


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