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Surf in San Fernando is mainly situated around San Juan about 7 kilometres
north of the city in a developing "Bario" (hamlet) picturesque Urbiztondo.
Its the gateway to many uncrowded points and beachbreaks still rarely surfed,
The main Surfing is done at the right hand point in the front of the Mona liza Cottages.
A right hand reef point break that works at its best with a north producing swell and giving good quality
waves on its best days, can hold up to 8 to 10ft .

A beach break in the centre of the bay that offers good clean lefts and rights that work best on a low tide
will hold up to 6 to 8ft a great fun wave but often crowded especially weekends.
The left point often works in both ways depending on swell direction but is considered
shallow by many and is less crowded, can be a 200 metre left hander when it works and a
freight train right hander on the north swell.

On the big days head back into town on a short Jeepney ride for the one of the sweetest right handers you will see
Carille a 300 metre right hand point break that is highlighted by a statue of Jesus mounted on the rocks,
its a comfortable wave thats fun to ride great for mals and short boards alike.
North of San Juan there are beaches and points all waiting
to be explored and surfed in uncrowded conditions.

Tuboc a right hand reef point break that looks like it can go forever is situated just north of San Juan ,
further north Bacnotan has many secret spots in and around the cement factory and is certainly worth some exploration.
Darigayos further north again has a beautiful small bay area with potential for a left hand point and a right hand
point either side of the bay depending on swell direction, and when big a sandy bottom beach break.
The most amazing thing about the area is the constant supply of windless glassy mornings
and spectacular evening sunsets a real pleasure while you wait for the swell to arrive.

Tides and Seasons

The tide here works on a 2 tide system per day 1 high and 1 low averaging just over 12 hours between
high and low thus creeping forward each day gradually, giving longer than normal surfing sessions on the right tide.
The most consistent time of year starts around October and goes through to March with peak times around
December and January which tends to be the more crowded time of year attracting surfers from all around the world.
This is the time of the north swell from north west monsoons that provide mainly right handers to the region.
April , May are the summer months with temperatures soaring and the swell easing,
more commonly known as "drinking season".

The wet season starts to kick in about the end of May easing the high temperatures back down and
producing swell from the south, a bonus for goofy footers with the left-handers coming into play.
The southern swells continue periodically until late August when once again seasons change.
All in all this area provides good intermediate uncrowded waves with a friendly local contingent,
with very good facilities and infrastructure just minutes from your tropical paradise.


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