Accommodation in San Juan is plentiful and ranges from Resort style to bungalow and self contained units.

When in town contact wind n sea apartments

Also in the San Juan district you have The Hacienda ,Sebay, Mona liza
and a range of long term apartments available on a monthly basis.
Rates start at about 600 peso per night and are usually available without booking.

Sebay Surf Resort

Mona Liza Surf Centre


is situated about 6 k's south of San Fernando proper and is the hub of the main resorts and nightlife area.
Although there is relatively no surf in Bauang it is more situated for the expat community that resides there.
There are many places to stay and prices vary from around 400 peso upwards,
here is a list of places and phone numbers
Agoo Agoo Playa Hotel H R (63-72) 521-0889, 710-0177
Bauang Bali Hai Beach Resort R (63-72) 242-5679/80
Bauang Coconut Grove Beach Resort R (63-72) 888-4276
Bauang Beach Koala Resorts R (63-72) 242-0863/64
Paringao, Bauang North Palm Beach Resort R (63-72) 242-0649
Sevilla, San Fernando Oasis Country Resort R (63-72) 242-5621/23
San Juan Puerto de San Juan R (63-72) 242-3330/31
San Juan Se-Bay Surf Resort R (63-72) 242-5484
Pagdalagan Sur, Bauang Southern Palms Beach Resort R (63-72) 888-5384
Paringao, Bauang Villa Estrella R (63-72) 41-3794
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